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Getting Real book is my model of book

The Getting Real book from Basecamp is my model format of a book.

The format of Getting Real has a clean structure. Different topic forms a chapter. Different individual post are grouped into topic. In each post, there are 3 parts under the title. They are:

1. One bold line of sentence to conclude the topic.
2. Short paragraphs to elaborate the conclusion by different formats of explanatiotions and stories.
3. 3rd party stories to tell the same topic in different angle.

That’s it. A short, clean, effective and easy to digest post. A clean easy-to-find grouping of topics. This book has the model format that I enjoy reading and reading again.

One more thing. The Getting Real has a web book that was hosted on Their web version is gone now after 37signals rename to Basecamp. That web book shares the same flat structure. The table-of-content has enough white space for easy-finding. The chapter and topic has very similar typesetting to the print edition. The book is free to read online with a call-to-action to buy the PDF. That’s the freemium model in 2000s.

This is my model of web book that my coming web books would follow.

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