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Newsletter #47 Published

Here is a excerpt:

Why I write newsletter—It’s an archive of myself

This newsletter does not have much audiences, To be honest. Despite that my writing may not actually be read, I still want to keep my writing steak every week.

To me, this is like an archive of myself. I take this opportunity to write about what I’m working on each week. I shared links and occasionally opinions on how I think the web and tech industry. After months and years of writing, when I look back to my previous newsletter, it is a time machine to my past.

For example, I had shared links on the web book publishing topic, which I’m stilling referring to that newsletter myself when I’m writing my next book for he web.

For example, I shared PWA links in another newsletter, which is relevant again when iOS 11 gains PWA support.

So even if few people reads my newsletter. I still write it and publish it. In each week, I collect essays and tutorials that’s worth reading or bookmarking. I enjoy the links very much myself, and hope you find them useful too.

Of course, thank you very much of reading and enjoying my sharings every week.

Published on 2018-05-13. More articles like this:
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