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Testing post publishing from Ulysses app

I’m testing the Ulysses’s new WordPress publishing ability. There are some things to test, including the categories/tags setting and embedding images as well as video tag.

Here is the screenshot of the minimal writing setup on Ulysses that really forces you to focus on the writing itself. It has a library to store all your writings in well organized structure. So just write them, review them and publish them all in one place, among all Apple devices.

At first, I thought that would be setting tags in Ulysses to map to the WordPress. It turns out the publishing dialog is tele made for the target platform. It allows me to set all the meta data there.

So it would really be a nice place to allow me focus more on logging down my thoughts in this blog through the beautifully crafted writing app by Soulmen.

Published on 2016-09-08. More articles like this:
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