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Link: Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess.

Link: Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess.

Chess comes with a set of prescriptions and best practices. 1. e4 is considered a strong opening move for white. 1. h3 is not. That’s because chess is a closed system. There’s no random constraints, no dumb luck. The pieces always move the same, and the starting position is always identical.

Tetris? You only know what the next piece is. You play for the present moment, trying to construct the best possible configuration of pieces, knowing that it is impossible to predict the situation even two pieces from now. You don’t get fooled into thinking you can control the future.

Don’t try to guess what pieces are coming when you try to improve your situation. Like Tetris, you can simply put yourself in the best possible position without seeking to completely control the system you play in.

This post and its philosophy is the most remarkable thing I learnt at the beginning of 2016. Life-changing mindset.

By the way, Tetris game in my home screen right now:

Home screen with Tetris game.

Published on 2016-02-05. More articles like this:
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