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My experience on Pomodoro technique

Link: The simple technique to fit a 40-hour workweek into 16.7 hours

That’s 25 minutes of steady, focused work on one task. No multitasking. No emails. No phone calls. No checking Facebook. Nothing! No distractions allowed.

The Pomodoro Technique® has been there for a while, but recently it gains attention again. Recently I backed a project named Productivity Planner which also makes use of the technique. It promotes a working schedule to work for 25 minutes under distraction-free environment, and then break for 5 minutes. Then repeat and mark each time slot success or failure.

I used to use this technique in my work, it was 3 years ago when I ran my own game startup. I even tried running an extreme test. I worked on 30 minutes and then took break for 30 minutes. I made games for live. In that 30 minutes of break. I surfs the web and play different types of web games. So actually that 30 minutes of break can act as inspiration and contribute back to my creativity.

Later I quit my startup and joined an office work. I am trying to apply the same working techniques in my daily working space but not yet success.

You know, office for normal job has a different environment than startups. As Jason Fried shared in the TED talk, Why work doesn’t happen at work, office is a place that’s full of distractions. So using this technique without distraction for 25 minutes is often impossible at office.

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